About Us

Initially founded through University of Arizona’s KAMP Student Radio as a mobile DJ company in 2010, Specto Entertainment eventually evolved into a full-fledged event production company serving the greater Tucson area by 2013. Having recently expanded into Hawaii, we pride ourselves in bringing the best dance music to both Honolulu and Tucson. We produce events with a wide array of dance music genres to both markets that include house, trance, dubstep, techno, DnB, and more.

Specto believes in creating a culture that helps you make memories with friends along with your favorite EDM artists. We provide a wide array of services with the goal of creating the best dance music experiences for our customers. As a business, we meet any talent buying, graphic design, event coordination, sales distribution, and marketing consultation needs.

We continue to build a sense of community through free and local monthly shows, and create opportunities for up-and-coming artists. Specto Entertainment gives real-life music industry experience to our promoters and offers a free ticket delivery service to our customers. We also take great pride working in tandem as co-producers with the largest electronic dance music company in the Southwest, Relentless Beats. Our on-the-ground team in Tucson is ever-growing and always ready to support the evolving community we have. We can’t wait to see you at our next show!